A really cool place in London. By Anita Masini.

Anita Masini

Anita arrived in London at the beginning of January. She is a student at the Department of Italian studies at the University of Bologna,  currently she is enrolled at the University of London (UCL) where she is doing her Erasmus period. Her dream job is to work with people, rather than with things, maybe in a cultural centre or library.

A really cool place in London.

By Anita Masini.


As member of this community I am sure you are acquainted with the ‘flash cards’ game which we usually play at the end of each lesson. If you don’t know I’m talking about, let’s quickly go over the rules: the first participant (me) has to describe a word written on a card, the others (you) have to guess what word is. Do you fancy a round? Let’s play!

Clue number 1: my word is a PLACE FULL OF BOOKS. No, no, it is not a library where you get bored stiff. Here, some reading groups and seminars are organized and you are more than welcome to join them!

 Clue number 2:  my word concerns NEW KNOWLEDGE. In this place you will be torn between a million and one courses.

If you need to beef up your CV  with some new skills or to brush up the old ones,  you will find some help in this place making this process a piece of cake. Languages courses, IT skills courses and many others could benefit you!

Maybe your CV is already perfect, but you want to branch out. For instance, you would like get rid of that pair of shabby and threadbare trousers which looked so snazzy in the 90s and turn them into something which is all the rage. However, you are not able to sew and you need to pick someone else’s brain. Well, in this place, a teacher will be available to teach  you how to sew your own clothes from scratch!

Maybe, sewing is is not your cup of tea because you are more into fitness. Or, you are a little bit clumsy and you would like to improve your coordination. Not worries, a wide range of fitness and health classes are organized each day as well.

Clue number 3: my word also concerns FAMILY. Your children are so active and love doing different activities each weekend. However, you have to put up with the London weather. All too often, that summer picnic that’s been planned for ages, turns into a boring telly afternoon. Well, in this place there are always lot of workshops for children and parents. Planning the ‘good weather’ option and the ‘bad weather’ option for each weekend will become a faraway nightmare – you’ll be sure to find something suitable for  your children.

Clue number 4: my words concerns RELAXING. If you need a place to let off a little steam from the hustle and bustle of London and enjoy a drink with your friends in a lovely space, you will be able to do it. You could talk about the new television series you are hooked on, meet people from outside your small clique. Moreover, if you are a tech addict, you’ll be able to use your mobile phone as well, and you will always be able to stay tuned in with the rest of the world.

Pull up a chair in the bar and enjoy your time!

So what is my word? Come on, let’s make some guesses! Pssst…if you haven’t find the solution yet, I’ll give it to you:

The Idea Store Library.

I don’t want to tell you any more – you already have lot of clues. Now have a look at their website, and then go to your closest Idea store…I am sure you will find something right right up your street.