An embarrassing day in London. By Nancy Ou.

Nancy Ou

Nancy is from Taiwan and has been in London for one year and half, she has to go back to her country in 2 years, so she is keen to travel as much as possible in order to experience different customs and traditions in Europe. She is also determined to get her English to the next level during her stay in London.

Nancy has shared this story as part of The Writing Project . . .

An embarrassing day in London.

By Nancy Ou


London, from my point of view, is the best place to settle down in comparison with other western metropolitan cities. The whole city is scattered with parks, large and small. The government makes parks accessible for every citizen and also offers a decent habitat for some animals, like pigeons and squirrels. In the park, people have the chance let off steam, get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city and experience four seasons with picturesque scenery. In addition, people can do all kinds of activities or exercise to have fun and help them stay in shape. Parks play an important role in every Londoner’s life

Now, I am in a good position to experience London life, so I decided to go jogging in Hyde park – the beginning of exploring and enjoying London.

One morning, as the sun shone into my room and the birds chirped happily on trees, a voice in my head said. ‘Go Nancy, go. Today is the day!’ I crawled out of my bed, put on a sports T-shirt and trousers and stretched my body. Before shutting the door of my apartment, I put on my sun glasses, like most people do, (partly to protect my eyes but mainly to make myself look trendy).

Seconds after I slammed the door shut, I stumbled on the doorstep and fell onto the pavement in front of my apartment. Pedestrians passing by were shocked and stared at me to check whether I needed any help. It was truly embarrassing to fall down in a public area, so I decided to stand up and walk away as quickly as I could, pretending that nothing had happened.

At least the tumble had fully woken me up,  I reflected that at least I was paying attention now, so nothing else could go wrong.  I carried on with my plan to run a lap of Hyde Park and I soaked up the beautiful sights and sounds as I ran around. Unfortunately, half way through my jogging, I saw a group of pigeons flying over my head. As I raised my head to look at them more closely, I was showered by a flood of pigeon poo from several pigeons all at the same time. I had nothing to clean myself with at that moment and nowhere to hide – I wanted the ground to swallow me up.

At the end, I walked home awkwardly attracting the attention of several passers-by. I really hoped that I had been dreaming and I think that was the most embarrassing experience I have ever had.

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